At STAR Analytical Services, we know the secret sauce of algorithm development is the math.

We combine our deep knowledge of technology and math to produce efficient and effective algorithms that solve your data questions. Through a consultative approach, we are able to create algorithms that fit our clients specific and demanding needs.


With an exceptional foundation in mathematics [STAR] completed the work on time and the performance of the MATLAB code was so robust that it exceeded the customers expectations at the time of the demo.
Harold Boll, EFI

Our method:

  • Designing the problem approach
  • Ascertaining the necessary inputs
  • Identifying the solution that delivers the results you need.

Our services:

  • Mathematical modeling
  • Algorithm development and MATLAB
  • Algorithm analysis
  • System analysis

Brain Teaser:

There is a ping-pong tournament with 255 players. You have 254 people paired off in 127 matches, plus 1 unpaired player as a bye. In the next round, there are 128 players and 64 matches. How many matches, total, does it take to
determine a winner?

And the answer is 254

What does our work look like?

Our clients range from governmental agencies to businesses like yours. Visit our Projects page to see a few examples of how our secret sauce produced exactly the outcome our clients look for.


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As our motto says, we do
the math so you don't have to.

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